High quality preserved 12 flowers Exclusive for DUBAI

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High quality eco- friendley preserved flowers in several colors. (2 years long lasting) price per 12! Free shipping

A beautifully crafted bouquet of roses is a gift that never fails to speak volumes. Whether it says, “I’m sorry,” “Happy Anniversary,” or “I love you,” roses are the perfect gift for any occasion. Although the sentiment may last forever, unfortunately, the roses never do. Within days, lush, verdant roses tend to wilt and bruise, transforming your once beautiful bouquet into a sad pile of petals. It’s always a glum day when a woman has to throw away her bouquet of wilted roses that were so thoughtfully given to her. So, wouldn’t it be nice to own roses that last just as long as the memory of receiving them does?

With our elegant selection of preserved rose arrangements, you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of wilting or bruising within a few days of receiving them, for these special roses are designed for long-lasting beauty.

All rose come with QR code and have a durable treatment 

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